Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing on the Costa del Sol

Welcome to all friends and fellow dancers. If modern jive doesn't float your boat the way it used to, or maybe you're just looking for a new challenge to liven up your dancing, here is an announcement...

Lindy Hop is alive and thriving on the Costa and living in Málaga. Events and classes are organised by Málaga Swing and you can keep up with what's going on on their Facebook page.

If you want a taste of who they are and what they do, have a look at the videos below. Málaga's Lindy Hoppers certainly know how to enjoy themselves! We've been to a good few of their classes and freestyle party nights and we can highly recommend a visit if you're looking for some fun, or just a change from your usual dance style.

One thing to mention though: it's all in Spanish. Not surprising, really, as we're in Spain. So dust off that old Michel Thomas CD and brush up your Spanish, then come on down for a bit of Lindy Hopping fun.

And here's another one...

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About Us

We are Steve and Carole and we've been dancing together since 1996.

this is usDuring our dancing 'career' we have taught modern jive and demo'd at many club nights, freestyles and workshops in the UK and Spain.

We have also given our personal tuition to many couples who wanted a routine for a special occasion or who were about to embark on their life of married bliss.

For a while, between 2000 and 2002, we were involved in theatre productions and choreographed routines for a number of stage shows, including a complete production of "Shake, Ripple & Roll", a musical set in the 1950's featuring an awful lot of good ol' rock'n'roll-style jiving.

Nowadays we've given up the teaching and we just like to dance, but we don't do much modern jive - been there, done that! We quite like a bit of Salsa but the Lindy Hop and Swing scene (no, not that kind of swinging) is where you'll find us. We just luurve the sound of those old big bands, there's nothing quite like it for keeping you on your feet and rock-step, triple-ing the night away.

The Early Years

In her very early life, Carole started out in ballet and tap until she discovered pop music, disco and boys!

In the late-80's she re-kindled her love of tap by enrolling in a class run by one of the original cast from the musical, "Cats". This raised her sights to group competition.

After this, coached by another professional dance teacher, their troupe went on to take second place in the 1992 South of England Championships group dance category. She then went on to appear in regional stage productions such as "Stepping Out", "Cabaret" and various pantos.

Steve's early life resembled Carole's like a flower resembles a motorbike. He spent most of it trying to avoid the retribution that seemed to be always just around the corner following his latest ill-thought-out escapade.

Until one day, in his teenage years, he saw the light and realised that the boy who was good on the dance floor always seemed to get the girl.

The rest, as they say, is mystery... smile